5 Ways in which Dental Implants will improve your quality of life

Dental implants are an investment in your future smile. As well as improving the appearance of your smile, replacing your missing teeth can improve the quality of your life in a number of ways.


1. Functional improvement 

If you have lost a number of teeth, you could have a number of functional problems, including changes to the alignment of your upper and lower jaws, aesthetic changes and even joint problems in the jaw.

Restoring a good occlusion, or bite alignment, with dental implants has many benefits to your smile. It supports soft tissue around the teeth and can avoid the development of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problems. Speech quality can also be restored, enabling a person to speak more clearly without any impediments.


2. Aesthetic improvement

Tooth loss, and subsequent bone loss, can mean the gradual disappearance of the original vertical height that the jaws had, which can affect the appearance of a person’s face.

Without teeth, the face may appear ‘sunken’ which gives the effect of premature ageing.

Soft tissue loss can also occur when a tooth is missing. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants not only enables bite alignment and functional benefits but, also a big improvement in cosmetic factors as well.


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3. Enhanced well-being and oral health

Bone grafting has been a huge help in implant dentistry and is needed in many situations where otherwise the implant could not be placed, due to long-term bone loss following tooth loss.

Grafting of the soft tissue and gum can be as important in terms of long-term health of the area and also for aesthetics, depending on the individual patient.


4. Removal of discomfort

One of the symptoms of advanced gum disease is pain and discomfort. This will be addressed when resolving gum disease prior to any implant surgery as part of the preparation phase. It is very dangerous to place the implants in a patient where periodontal disease is present.

If there are some natural teeth in the mouth that have periodontal issues, this should  be resolved before implant surgery would begin. However, once that preparatory work has been completed, implant surgery is the final stage to restoring the function and aesthetic of your smile.


5. Stability

Patients who have had removable dentures before having denture stabilisation often find the treatment dramatically changes how and what they can eat and also their confidence about eating in public.

Also for those that perhaps felt their dentures didn’t look natural or made them self-conscious, report significant differences socially and psychologically after the implant placement. It can really change so much in a patient’s life.


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