Comparing dental implant systems in Milan

There are a wide range of possibilities of treatment options for replacing missing teeth with dental implants. The solutions can span from a single tooth replacement, with a single implant, all the way through to a full mouth reconstruction. There are a number of different dental implant systems available, depending on cost and the individual patient requirements. 

At Studio Bracchetti we are able to offer highly aesthetic treatment, due to the advancements in understanding of the gum and soft tissue and how they react to implants. It’s important to choose a clinic that uses dental implant systems that will offer you the most benefits in the long-term.

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Developments in dental implant systems in Milan 

Year on year there have been advances based on research from placing dental implants. There has been a lot of change recently in the crown shape and design. There are two main types of dental implants:

  • Bone level implants – where the head is low on the surface of the bone
  • Tissue level implants – designed to come through the soft tissue and gum to sit on the gum level

There is often a preference for tissue level implants due to soft tissue (gum) stability, however the choice depends on the amount of bone available and the location (meaning, the back of the mouth as opposed to the front of the mouth). 99% of implants are made of titanium.


The attention is now shifting onto implants made of ceramic, which are considered to be even more biocompatible. This is preferable for some patients who don’t like having metal in their mouth. The clinical research is more limited but it is a promising and  growing market that will start to become more prevalent in years to come.


We can place implants in the jaw with higher accuracy due to the use of the cone beam CT technology (CBCT) which is used for detailed treatment planning and the creation of surgical guides. This contributes to the very high success rate that dental implants have overall.


Where patients require a full arch restoration, there are many different options. You can have a fixed denture that can rest on implants or on a bar, depending on the individual patient’s needs and lifestyle. We always try to place the least amount of implants as possible, to keep costs down and to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures.


Which is the best dental implant system on the market and why?

Every dentist has their own preferences. We believe in supporting the companies that are constantly researching and leading the way in improving and developing their implant system and product range. This may create an extra cost to the dental office, not to the patient, but is important to support the advancement of the dental field.


Such companies include Nobel Biocare,  Thommen, Straumann and ITI (International Team for Implantology). We have supported these companies for many years and consider them to be the leading systems in the global dental implant market.


While using one of the world’s best implant systems is clearly advantageous, a dentist still needs to have the necessary skills and experience in order to have sustained success.


This can only be achieved through additional training and a commitment to excellence. Coupled with the use of advanced technology such as CBCT and surgical planning software, dental implant clinical cases enjoy a higher success rate.


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