Questions to ask your dentist when considering to have dental implants

Making the decision to have dental implants to replace your missing teeth will have a big impact on your life. It’s important that you find a specialist implant dentist with whom you feel comfortable and able to ask any questions as they arise. At Studio Bracchetti we have worked with many patients, like you, to place dental implants. Here is a collection of the questions (with our answers) that we get asked most frequently about dental implants.



Am I too old to get my teeth replaced in Milan?

Absolutely not! You are never too old to have your teeth replaced. It’s always a good idea, unless there are medical conditions that advise against it. We often place implants in older patients. It can help to avoid other conditions from developing such as occlusion or bite problems and jaw issues.

Am I too young to have my teeth replaced?

The only time that you are too young to have dental implants placed is when your jaw is still growing. So placing implants in a very young patient can have a negative effect. This is because your natural teeth move with your jaw as it develops. Whereas your dental implant will be anchored to your jaw bone and won’t move.

You should wait as long as possible to place dental implants, especially in the aesthetic area. This is one of the reasons why it is important to find a skilled and experienced implant dentist, who can advise you on the best course of treatment for your unique circumstances.

Will dental implants affect my speech?

A well-designed prosthesis such as a crown or bridge that is anchored to an implant placed in the right position in the jaw should not affect your speech. You will need to choose a dentist that is highly skilled and experienced to place your implants in order to avoid any future issues.  

Parla con impianti dentali

Will dental implants affect my ability to eat and chew?

Actually, the opposite is true. Having dental implants in Milan can really help your ability to eat and chew. Especially if you have had removable dentures that move around, the difference can be really positive. It can dramatically improve your ability to chew.

gli impianti dentali ti permettono di mangiare con sicurezza

Will people be able to notice that I have dental implants?

If you have a properly placed implant and a well-designed prosthetic, it shouldn’t be obvious at all. A good dentist should be able to create the conditions in your mouth to place implants in the ideal position for it to look natural.


How will I know how many dental implants I need?

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Dental implantology is a discipline that continues to develop and advance thanks to research and technology. Nowadays, there is a tendency to place less implants than we may have done a few years ago. We would ideally try to place the least amount of implants possible. This makes the procedure less costly and less invasive, but still has the same effect and final results. It will depend on factors such as age, bone condition and the amount of teeth that need to be replaced.

How painful is it to have dental implants placed?  

Our goal is always to create very limited discomfort for the patient.

If the procedure involves any extraction of teeth as well as placing implants, there may be more discomfort, but overall it is one of the least painful surgeries in dentistry.


Is there a cheaper alternative to dental implants to replace missing teeth in Milan?

There are many alternatives, even within the scope of dental implants. Different prosthetic solutions, such as dentures attached to implants or single teeth or fixed bridges, can have a different cost implication. There are also all of the traditional approaches to replacing missing teeth, like full and partial dentures that aren’t attached to implants, and that are supported by natural teeth. For us it is about finding the right solution for function and aesthetic as well as budget for every patient.


Can you stabilise dentures that keep slipping when talking and eating?

Dental implants are now extremely sophisticated and are often placed with single prosthetic teeth, but they were originally designed to stabilise dentures. This is still a function of dental implants and can be used to stabilise dentures that are slipping when talking and eating.


Are there any reasons why dental implants wouldn’t be right for me?

In most cases it is fine to have dental implants placed. If you have medical conditions like diabetes, then it will need to be under control and you may want to seek medical advice first.

Smoking has a large impact on dental implants. Success rates and healing times are impacted by smoking and so make it difficult to place dental implants.

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Can Dental Implants fail?

It is important to know that dental implants can fail. No procedure in the world is 100% successful but dental implants do surpass the 95% success rate. Implants are one of the most successful prostheses across all medicine. It is important to understand there is a risk of failure, but that this is affected by smoking, some medical conditions and choosing a dentist who has the skill and experience to place dental implants.

Illustrations drawing of a dental implant


It’s also important to understand what we mean by ‘failure’. This is often when the bone doesn’t fuse around the implant and can be easily fixed by placing a new implant. This can impact on time and convenience for the patient, but isn’t a massive issue.


Can any tooth be replaced by a dental implant?

Originally dental implant treatment was only designed for replacing missing posterior teeth, but now we can replace every tooth in the mouth. This is because of improvements in material and design and technology such as guided surgery.


Can dental implant treatment in Milan make me look younger?

When you lose teeth, you are at risk of losing bone as well over time. When this is associated with tooth movement and abrasion of the remaining teeth, you may also loose  vertical dimension, ie the height of your teeth may decrease due to wear. Your jaw height is reduced which means your lower face lacks support. This can make a patient look older. Replacing teeth, together with other procedures,  can reverse this look.

If you lose bone support, you tend to have less lip support which can age you as well. Dental implants can restore this bone support and give a more youthful structure.


Can I have a root canal instead of a dental implant?

A root canal is a procedure on a natural tooth. It is the removal of the nerve and treatment. Ideally a root canal should be done to save the natural tooth where possible. We should do that treatment before considering extraction and dental implant.


Do I need a new crown if I get a dental implant or can I keep my old one?

Unfortunately it is impossible to use a crown that has been used on a natural tooth. This is because the new crown is designed accurately to fit on the implant, in the exact position and size it needs to be in the bite, which will be very different to the old crown.


How can I find a trustworthy dentist to place my dental implants?

You should always look for a specialist in dental implants. Experience is really important. Placing implants is not as easy as it sounds. There are lots of decisions to be made about how to place, where to place and how many implants to place, to get the right aesthetic and functional outcome. Someone who understands the importance of accurate treatment planning and has the skill and expertise to plan your dental implants is vital. Ideally you should choose a specialist to plan the treatment holistically: a Periodontist who can do the best job, surgically  and a Prosthodontist to create the best prosthesis to achieve your desired goals. .


To find out more about how we place dental implants at Studio Bracchetti, you can make an appointment with our specialist implant dentist today.