The factors that influence the cost of orthodontic treatment in Milan

A common question that is asked by patients considering orthodontic treatment in Milan is about the costs involved. Every patient has a unique smile so it can be difficult to give a specific figure for treatment that would cover most patients. It is also important to understand what influences the cost of orthodontic treatment. Different teeth straightening systems will have different cost implications and depending on the orthodontist you choose this can have an impact as well.


What influences the cost of orthodontic treatment in Milan?

trattamento ortodontico

We use a few parameters during treatment planning to get an accurate cost.There are four main factors that affect cost of treatment:

  • The extension of the appliances used – for example, will have a lower cost
  • The system used – we offer a wide range of straightening systems
  • The duration of treatment – the longer the treatment takes, the more the cost will be
  • The complexity of treatment – tied with the last two points, the more complex the case, the more likely you will need extra treatment time and appliances.

We offer a high quality patient experience at every stage of treatment. The cost is an investment into your future smile.


Choosing a specialist, experienced orthodontist for teeth straightening treatment in MIlan

Veronica Bracchetti


Studio Bracchetti we are proud to have skilled and experienced clinicians on our team to deliver specialist care to our patients.


I completed my Dental Degree at the University of Milano and then went to the USA where I got my specialty post-graduate Certificate in Orthodontics at Northwestern University in Chicago. I also achieved a Masters Degree in Oral Biology. Whilst in the United States, I worked with a number of experts in their field of orthodontics and got exposed to different approaches and philosophies of treatment. Then I came back to Italy and I started my own private practice in 1992. I continued to specialise, working in the local children’s hospital for one day a week. After a few years I completed a 3-year specialty post-graduate degree at the Statale University of Milan, in Italy. In addition, I have an Invisalign certification. I was one of the first in Italy to complete this training.

I have always had an interest in orthodontics. I have worked with a number of experienced and specialised professionals both in Italy and in the USA to learn from them. I have worked in private practices, a children’s hospital, to name a few, and have gained very useful insights from each experience, which guides my work every day.

Veronica Brachetti


What equipment do you have at your dental office for orthodontic patients?

Studio Odontoiatrico Bracchetti

  • We have an intraoral scanner that we utilise for taking impressions, particularly for Invisalign cases. It speeds up the time it takes to prepare the aligners and is popular with patients as it and will not trigger a gag reflex.
  • We have an x-ray machine so we can take any x-rays needed in our office: this is really convenient for patients, as during the registration appointment for orthodontics we can also take x-rays, saving time and extra visits to other radiology clinics..
  • We can also take cone beam CT scans.

We also use a digital camera to document the process – we take regular photos to be able to track progress and document changes.


The hidden costs that go into the creation of an orthodontic system 

Companies like Invisalign are constantly investing in research to continually improve the system.

The 3M Unitech fixed brace appliances are also the result of ongoing and extensive research and development.

Every improvement makes the appliances more efficient, resistant and more aesthetic, so having braces can have less of an impact on your day to day life, whilst still being an effective treatment. Fixed braces have become more discrete and nowadays don’t always need elastic ligatures.

Advancements have also reduced the time it takes to move the teeth into the correct position, as teeth can move faster.


On average, how many appointments will I need to attend during orthodontic treatment?

You will need to be seen once a month, if there are no special needs or emergencies. If you have aligners, you will have an appointment every four to six weeks.


Do you use Digital Smile Design or related software to plan orthodontic treatment where patients can see the end result before they begin?

We are currently becoming a Digital Smile Design clinic and will soon offer the chance to preview your smile before you commit to treatment. Currently, with the intraoral scanner, we have a programme that allows us to digitally move the teeth in the mouth, so you can see how the teeth will move with orthodontics.


What can I expect to pay for orthodontic treatment at your practice?

You can expect to pay anything from 3,500 to 6,500 euros on average. If we are dealing with  a very complex case or a surgical-orthodontic case, this could increase but this is rare. Equally some cases could cost less if there was just a few teeth that need to be moved. We will give you an accurate indication of all costs before you commit to treatment, to help you plan your budget effectively.


Do you offer finance options for patients to pay for orthodontic treatment?

We charge an initial treatment planning fee, for the comprehensive planning of treatment. The cost of the active orthodontic treatment is then quoted, split into a number of equal payments every three months throughout the course of treatment. There is also a final quote for the retention phase of treatment, which includes retainers and checks over the 2 years following the completion of active treatment.


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