What happens once your orthodontic treatment is completed?

Once your teeth have moved to their correct new aligned position, there is a final check and then we will plan the removal of the appliances. The removal of your appliances is not the end of treatment – you will then move into the recommended retention phase. When it comes to teeth straightening in Milan, it is important that you use a retainer as indicated in order to prevent teeth from relapsing towards the initial position.


What happens when you remove the appliances?

We will schedule an appointment to remove the appliances and also to take impressions for the retainers. With Invisalign, the appointment would be for the attachment removal and impressions for the retainers. This appointment will be followed by a second appointment the following day. We like to put the two appointments really close together to deliver the retainers as soon as possible.

You can expect to feel that your teeth are loose – this is normal, as you have had them in a restrained position for a long time. You can expect to be happy with your smile and to have the right occlusion!


What can I expect from the retention phase and my retainer?


You will have a retainer for every arch that has been treated. These are usually removable retainers. They are usually needed to be worn full-time for a few months, depending on the type of treatment and the extent of the movement of the teeth. After this you will only need to wear it at night, then every other night. It will be a gradual discontinuation of wearing the retainer. You will have a retention appointment a month after, then every four months during the two year retention phase. This is to monitor the success and stability of your orthodontic treatment.


How should I look after my teeth post-treatment?


You should ensure you wear your retainer as directed. You will also need to clean your retainer regularly to keep it hygienic. You will be given instructions about how to use your retainer and should follow those directions to keep your teeth in their new position.


What other dental treatments might I need after orthodontics?

Girl having her teeth checked

Some patients choose to have teeth bleaching done, If any rehabilitation of the smile was planned at the beginning, patients will go on and have veneers or crowns placed over the front teeth once orthodontic treatment is completed. Others may also go on to have dental implants placed in order to complete their mouth rehabilitation.


What do people normally say about their teeth after orthodontic treatment in Milan?

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Patients like to see their teeth straightened and feel excited about the end result. They may want to have their teeth bleached to brighten their new smile. Patients often want to have any other treatment done quickly so they can fully enjoy their new smile.

There are often concerns about the stability of the results. We always explain the biological reasons for the retention phase and insist on the necessity to wear retainers, but also explain the importance for teeth to settle down in a natural position over a long period of time.


How orthodontics can improve your self confidence

Orthodontics can help people feel confident with an attractive straight smile. If you have concerns with your smile, it is a relatively easy way to make a big difference. Many adults struggle with crooked teeth for years, but now that there is much less stigma surrounding braces and fixed appliances or about wearing aligners, it is easier than ever to make that change. It is a great way to invest in yourself and get a great result.


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