What to expect after your dental implant treatment in Milan

Caring for your dental implants after your treatment is completed is as important as the placing of the implants. Choosing a dentist who places significance on the aftercare process is vital to ensure the success of your dental implants. A lack of maintenance of your dental implants and oral hygiene can lead to peri-implantitis and dental implant failure. At Studio Bracchetti we believe in providing an excellent aftercare service for patients. We continue to be available to answer any questions and our highly skilled hygienists specialise in dental implant hygiene. Dr Guido Bracchetti answers some of the most commonly asked questions about what happens after dental implants are placed.


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How do you guarantee your dental implant work in Milan?

We know that there are only a small amount of dental implant failures, so we guarantee the work in the immediate term. If there is a good follow up from the patient for hygiene and maintenance appointments, we will look to guarantee the implants for longer. We obviously can’t guarantee them forever, as many things can change.

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How can I expect to feel once my dental implant treatment in Milan is completed?

At the end of the restorative part of treatment, it will be a great feeling. Discomfort from periodontal issues should  be resolved and also the function of your teeth will be improved. You will also have achieved the aesthetic result that you will have agreed with our team before treatment.

Any swelling or pain is a very minor occurrence during treatment, but this should be resolved prior to the end of treatment. Any further complications after treatment has been completed shouldn’t be expected.


How do I need to look after my dental implants to ensure they last?

It’s important to understand that just because you have had a metal implant placed, it doesn’t mean there is no need for ongoing hygiene. In fact, it is perhaps even more important. We will outline a detailed hygiene routine that should be followed. Your hygienist will have specialist treatments to use on teeth with dental implants. Controlling plaque at home and having regular hygiene recall is vital for ensuring your implants have a long life. If you don’t maintain your hygiene around dental implants it could cause peri-implant disease in the long-term which can be difficult to treat.


What follow-up maintenance care do you offer after treatment is completed?

There are specific brushes available for cleaning dental implants. It is also important that you use dental floss and a soft toothbrush. We also have a highly skilled and experienced hygienist who can advise you further on cleaning and caring for your dental implants.


Is smoking allowed after dental implant treatment?

Tooth brush and dental floss on top of towels

It is really important that you don’t smoke during and after treatment. It will affect healing and also the ongoing success of the dental implant treatment. We do offer our patients some support with cessation of smoking.


Don’t underestimate the difference dental implants can make to your life

I have been in practice for 30 years. The reason I still enjoy it  and I don’t mind working late, even though it can be busy and stressful, is because I understand the difference that dental implant treatment can make to a patient’s life. I continue to learn; every month I complete some form of new training. I still love going to work every day. I can really make a difference and I can change the lives of the patients I treat, which gives me immense satisfaction!


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