What to expect from adult orthodontics in Milan

Often when people think of orthodontics, it is children and teenagers that come to mind. However, one in three orthodontic cases that we now treat at Studio Bracchetti are adults. It is becoming more popular for adults to choose to straighten their teeth. Considerations like invisible appliances and discreet braces are making orthodontic treatment more accessible for adults. Whereas previously many adults would only consider orthodontic treatment for a problem, it is now more common for adults to choose orthodontic treatment for aesthetic reasons  and get an attractive smile. Invisalign is also a popular choice for adults choosing orthodontic treatment. What can you expect when you consider an orthodontic treatment as an adult in Milan?

Why do patients choose orthodontic treatment as an adult in Milan?

The main reasons adults choose orthodontic treatment are:

  • Aesthetic – patients wanting to have aligned teeth
  • Reconstructive – patients needing dental implants may require teeth straightening first
  • Functional – functional problems or issues such as headaches and jaw pain related to misaligned teeth and bad bite

When it comes to considering adult braces, the main considerations are:

  • Speed – you may be looking for the quickest way to straighten their teeth, with a particular date in mind such as a wedding or graduation
  • Discretion – you may be most interested in subtle straightening that isn’t visible in social settings
  • Ease – you may be travelling and lead a busy lifestyle, want the easiest solution that means you don’t have to come into the office for regular appointments

What are the most common dental problems orthodontics can correct?

A common concern is crowding, which is when there is not enough room for the teeth in the jaw. Patients often want to realign their teeth to get a straighter and more attractive smile.

Another issue is headaches and jaw pain, which would require an assessment to make sure that the source of the pain is indeed related to the teeth. For us, It is important patients don’t have false expectations or waste money on unnecessary orthodontic treatment.

What is the average cost of orthodontics for adults in Italy?

It is hard to give an average cost as it depends on the length of treatment, the appliances used, the complexity of the case and how many appointments are needed. It can vary from a simple treatment to straighten your front teeth with limited appliances taking six months, which can cost between 2-3000 euros, right through to a complex case with a 2-year duration costing up to 7000 euros.

Is adult orthodontics a lasting investment?

It is important to understand that any orthodontic treatment will need to be maintained to ensure long lasting  results. In the initial period of two years after treatment, we recommend wearing the retainers we give you, as we instruct, to keep the teeth aligned. You will still have regular periodic appointments in this time to monitor your orthodontic results. After this time you will be left with the retainer that you can choose to wear when needed to keep the teeth in place.

What do patients need to do to maintain oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment?

We give all patients an oral hygiene kit appliances at the start of their treatment. This gives our patients the tools to best manage their oral health during treatment. At every appointment we also check on dental health and hygiene. If there are any issues we suggest to see the hygienist during orthodontic  treatment.

Is getting adult braces painful?

There can be a little soreness or discomfort after the activation of the teeth straightening system. However this tends to be the only problem that is encountered.

Roughly how long does orthodontic treatment take for adults?

The average is between 9-15 months for treatment.  


How do patients feel once they see their aligned teeth?

Patients are very happy with the results of their orthodontic treatment. They often ask for a whitening treatment to make the most of their new smile.

Are you ready to start your adult orthodontic treatment in Milan?

Any problem can be addressed at any age. You are never too old to have your teeth straightened! It is a feasible treatment and the duration and treatment is for most patients. You can have a clear objective for your smile and realise it through orthodontics. We have also payment plans available to make it possible.

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