What To Expect from Children’s Orthodontics in Milan

Orthodontics in Milan for children is vital for a healthy and functioning occlusion or bite, throughout life. Children as young as five or six years old can show signs of needing orthodontic treatment and important signs can be identified at this stage and indicate the need for treatment. As a parent, it can be confusing to know when it is the right time to visit an orthodontist with your child and what to expect from the process. At Studio Bracchetti we are skilled at assessing and treating any child for orthodontic treatment.


What to expect when your child visits our orthodontist in Milan

Usually, we recommend the first visit with our orthodontist between the ages of 5 and 6. At this stage, we can begin to see how the maxilla and mandible (the upper and lower jaws) are growing and we can also start to intercept any problems with the growth of the child’s teeth or jaws.

At this assessment we will also motivate children about oral hygiene. Children at this age can understand the importance of tooth brushing and keeping their teeth clean. We also discuss their diet and habits.

The most common orthodontic problems we see at this age are:

  • Changes to the teeth – any obstacle to the change from baby to permanent teeth
  • Oral habits – if your child has issues with mouth breathing, thumb sucking or any other habits that aren’t ideal for the healthy development of the teeth and jaws
  • Major malocclusions – such as a crossbite with the back teeth or an open bite from thumb sucking

We don’t recommend to treat orthodontic issues with children at this age unless it is a severe malocclusion. We often only monitor changes, by asking to see the child every 3-6 months.


Tooth decay in young children


We see tooth decay at this age and even younger as a result of poor oral hygiene or unhelpful diet habits. A common cause is children being given a bottle before bed with milk or a fruit drink: this sugar then stays on their teeth all night and can cause decay of the back teeth and front teeth. At this age we would advise on changes to oral hygiene habits and may suggest your child has an appointment with the hygienist to learn more about cleaning their teeth.

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What to expect when your child visits our orthodontist in Milan aged 7-9 years old

Between the ages of 7 and 9, we may recommend interceptive treatments if needed: these early treatments are aimed at intercepting any growth issues during the development of the maxilla and the mandible (the upper and lower jaws). Treatments might include the expansion of the upper jaw, or the restriction or enhancement of the growth of the lower jaw to correct severe bite problems.


What to expect when your child visits our orthodontist in Milan aged 11-12 years old

Between 11 and 12 years old, your child may need further treatment or, if your child has been seen at age 7-8 and didn’t need interceptive treatment, it may be now that they need a unique treatment, as they approach their teenage years.


What you can expect from the orthodontic treatment process with your child

When you bring your child to the clinic between the ages of 5 and 6, you can expect us to monitor your child’s growth and highlight any potential issues. We will help with advice on oral hygiene and oral habits that need to change to protect your child’s teeth and health. In most cases, we won’t recommend orthodontic treatment at this stage.

We will then monitor your child’s progress, with periodic check-ups. If we feel  there needs to be some intervention, we will propose a treatment plan to you. We will explain the proposed treatment options and why we feel like this is the best option for your child’s teeth. This will include description of the appliances and timescales and treatment goals. We will also be clear if we feel that this is the first stage of a longer orthodontic treatment, and if he/she will need braces in the pre-teenage years. Any limitations will be explained as well.


Treatment duration for childhood orthodontics

Interceptive treatment often lasts between 15 and  18 months. We understand that children don’t always respond well to prolonged periods of treatment. The reason we monitor your child from 5-6 years onwards is to be able to choose the right time to intervene,

Treatment in the teenage years lasts on average for 18 months, if it is a unique phase treatment. If there has been an interceptive phase before this, this  can reduce the second-phase treatment time, if needed.

Any orthodontic treatment has a retention phase which can vary in length depending on the nature and complexity  of treatment. Removable retainers are usually used for this phase, to ensure the long term stability of the treatment.


Making an orthodontic appointment for your child

Whilst there are optimum windows of opportunity for orthodontic treatment in Milan for your child, it is always a good time to contact the clinic and make an initial appointment with an orthodontist if you have any concerns about occlusion or teeth straightening. Choosing a highly experienced and skilled orthodontist is vital to ensure that any treatment is completed as soon as it is needed to ensure your child’s happy, healthy smile into adulthood.


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