What to expect while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment

Are you considering adult orthodontic treatment in Milan? At Studio Bracchetti we have a highly skilled and experienced team to guide you through every step of the process. From your first contact with our friendly and competent dental office secretary through to your treatment with our experienced orthodontist, we offer a patient-centred and high quality experience. There is always someone on hand to answer your questions or concerns. There are some things you can do in order to prepare for orthodontic treatment in Milan.


Meeting Our Clinic Secretary – Your First Point of Contact

Your first contact is with the reception team, either by phone or in person, who will book you an appointment. You will be asked to bring any x-rays or paperwork you may have if you have been to a different dental office before about your treatment. At the first appointment, you will be greeted by the secretary who will give you some forms about your medical history, orthodontic history and informed consent for sharing data.

If you have had previous orthodontic treatment it is really good to know this in advance. We also ask you what you are looking for in the treatment and why you have decided to have orthodontic treatment.


Meeting Your Dentist – Orthodontic Specialist

You will then meet your dentist in Milan, who will take you to the clinical area. Your dentist will go through the paperwork together with you to make sure we have all of the information we need before we perform the clinical exam.


What happens in the first consultation? What are you looking for in terms of diagnosis and identifying problems with the teeth?

We have a clinical exam, starting with oral hygiene. We will look for plaque, decay and we will go over oral hygiene instructions if needed. We will then look at the occlusion, to identify any issues with the bite or the alignment of the teeth. We may ask you some more questions to get a comprehensive picture at this time of any issues with mouth breathing, occlusion and dental needs. If there is a need for orthodontic treatment, we will discuss this with you.


How much does the initial consultation cost in Milan?

You won’t need to pay for the first visit. If we decide you don’t need orthodontic treatment at the present time, but will be placed on a recall list for hygiene and orthodontic checkups, we will ask you to pay for the initial visit  but this will then cover the later periodic checks we have recommended. The secretary will explain all of this in full after your appointment and will outline clearly the next steps. Your dentist will also explain the likely treatment and costs, so you will be fully informed.


How should I prepare for my first consultation?

You should bring with you any previous x-rays or details of previous orthodontic treatment, if applicable. You should also have a think about the goal you have in mind for treatment. If you are able to clearly explain this, it can help us to get the right treatment plan for your dental and aesthetic concerns. You might want to make some notes and also write down any questions you may want to ask during your consultation.


The treatment planning process: what data do you gather and why?

At the second appointment, you will have scans, x-rays and photos taken. You will then be scheduled for the consultation appointment, during which you will be presented  with a treatment plan, treatment options, duration and costs. If you are considering an Invisalign teeth straightening system, we will likely use the intraoral scanner. At the consultation we will explain the payment plan in detail and there will be opportunities to ask any questions.

You will then be able to see the secretary and discuss payment plan options and ask any questions about the appointment scheduling. If you approve the payment plan, you will be able to book your first appointment to start treatment.


How should I prepare for orthodontic treatment?

Usually we recommend a hygiene appointment before you start treatment. We polish and clean teeth deeply in this treatment. This is a great starting point for the teeth before orthodontic treatment. You will need to ensure you keep your teeth clean and free of plaque during treatment so it’s good to have a deep cleaning first.


How do I prevent tooth decay and white spots forming during orthodontic treatment?

If we notice dental hygiene becoming an issue during the treatment, we would recommend a hygiene appointment. There are different types of hygiene appointment depending on the needs of the patients.

Equally if we see that there is a need for any other dental treatment during the orthodontic treatment, we will recommend a separate check as well. We have many specialists in house so can often schedule appointments to address those needs at the same time as your orthodontic appointments. This is one of the many benefits of using a multidisciplinary dental clinic.


What can I do if I accidentally damage my braces/aligners?

If you have any damage to your braces or aligners we ask that you call the office to explain and we can decide the best course of action.

If you have damaged your braces but it doesn’t hurt, we will likely just schedule a longer appointment at the time of your next visit. This will give us time to fix or replace appliances.

If you are in pain, then we will obviously see you as soon as possible to fix any issues with the braces, normally the same day, if not the next day.

If you break a retainer we may need to take another impression and get another one made overnight.


What advice do you have for getting used to wearing my braces/aligners?

We prescribe a mouth rinse that reduces inflammation and discomfort. We explain that discomfort is usual, but if there is any higher level of pain then we would ask you to call the office.


Take your first step to starting your orthodontic treatment in Milan

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