How to choose the right orthodontic system to get straighter teeth in Milan

If you are considering orthodontics to straighten your teeth as an adult, it is important to understand the options available. Choosing the right orthodontic system means taking into account the time it takes to straighten your teeth, as well as your lifestyle and budget.

At Studio Bracchetti, we usually offer fixed braces that are used for children’s orthodontic treatment. This makes the traditional fixed braces the more popular choice across the ages, due to the number of children’s cases we see. In adult orthodontics, there has been more of a shift to invisible brace systems, like Invisalign.


Which orthodontic systems do you offer at your practice in Milan?

We offer fixed appliances – which means that the braces are attached to the teeth – this can be traditional braces or clear aesthetic appliances, which are made from ceramic. Both have the same straightening and alignment properties, but the latter is less visible.

We also offer Invisalign removable appliances, which are clear plastic aligners that are very discrete, making it a popular choice with adults.


Why do you use these specific straightening systems?

All of the orthodontic systems we use at our clinic are the ones we feel have consistently worked best for our patients. We have a track record with these companies, which we chose because they invest in research and upgrade their systems regularly, being at the cutting edge of technology.

Unitech Clarity, for example, has a beautiful aesthetic but also offers unrivalled results. Invisalign were the inventors of the clear aligner system and invest heavily in research and upgrading their system. This makes them the most advanced in the market and a quality standard of efficiency, technology and results. It goes without saying that we would chose to use this system for our patients.


What are the advantages of each system that you offer?

The fixed appliances require minimal effort from the patient. Almost anything that needs to be done will be completed at the appointments: you just have to keep the appliances clean and show up to the appointments. This is why we recommend fixed braces for teenagers. The clear fixed appliances can be a little weaker and need extra care, but this is rarely a problem.

Invisalign is ideal for patients who want the appliance to be as invisible as possible. The interval between appointments can be longer than with fixed appliances, and it is easier to maintain the teeth with an ideal level of hygiene. However, you will need to remove this appliance every time you eat or drink, which is not convenient for some people.


How do the systems differ in terms of maintenance during treatment?

Once the fixed braces are on, there is no maintenance for the patient. Everything is done during appointments.

The Invisalign aligners need to be worn 22 hours per day and removed every time you eat and then replaced straight after. When you brush your teeth, you need to remove the aligner and brush the aligner as well. Removing the aligner can be done with a hook that is provided.

Whilst wearing the aligner you need to chew on the aligner at regular intervals. You will be given some ‘chewies’: they are small pieces of rubber that you chew on to activate and release the elements in the bone that create movement. The more often you do that, the more effective the movement will be.

You will be given a box to keep the aligners in. You are asked to keep hold of all of the aligners as you may need to go back a stage or two during treatment. It’s good to have the last aligner you used handy in case of any breakages or issues with your current aligner.  


Are there any differences in cost between the systems and why?

Prices and duration of treatment is fairly comparable. Efficiency is the same for both, so it is more about whether you prefer an ‘invisible’ appearance or want to have braces fitted.


How will orthodontic systems improve and modernise even more? What developments do you hope to see in the future?


Anything that would accelerate the time it takes for treatment would be welcomed by most patients. Invisalign is moving towards seeing patients less; instead of seeing patients once a month, we can now see them every six to eight weeks, which saves appointment time for patients. The speed of movement of teeth is also being investigated, as well as how surgery could accelerate the process of orthodontic tooth movement: This would be mostly efficient in terms of time and costs for a patient’s treatment time.


Which is the right orthodontic system for my teeth?

Both the fixed systems and Invisalign are efficient. They can deliver optimal results for any orthodontic needs. The Invisalign system is more discrete, but some fixed systems in ceramic are much less visible than traditional metal braces.

To discuss your options for teeth straightening further, you can book an initial appointment with our orthodontic specialist. You can ask any questions you may have and find out which system would be best for your orthodontic needs.

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