The 6 step-by-step guide to your dental implant journey

Understanding what to expect when you come in for dental implant treatment, stage by stage, is really important. If you have any dental anxiety, knowing what to expect can be reassuring. We also understand that patients may need to make certain arrangements in their busy schedules in order to accommodate their dental clinic appointments. When you come in for an initial consultation at Studio Bracchetti, we will create a bespoke treatment plan to restore your teeth functionally and aesthetically. We encourage our patients to ask any questions so that they are reassured about what will happen at every step of the process. While every patient journey is different, there are some common steps in the treatment process that it is handy to know about before you begin your dental implant journey in Milan.


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How long will my dental implant journey take in Milan?

Every patient is unique, so it is impossible to provide a time-frame that is accurate for everyone. For example, imagine you have a single missing tooth in your lower jaw and the tooth has been missing for a long time, but there are no complications with the surrounding soft tissue or the area where the tooth used to be. In such a case if there is good underlying bone, you could have an initial consultation, be provided with a treatment plan and in the following appointment have the implant placed. As there have been improvements in the surface of implants, the healing time could be as little as 8 weeks. So you could have an implant placed in 2 months. If the bone site is healthy and strong, we can even look to place a crown immediately.

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On the other hand, imagine a patient where there is a tooth extraction involved with a large bone loss due to an abscess. Under these circumstances it wouldn’t be possible to place an implant on the same day. We need to give the area time to heal. There may also be a need for bone graft and soft tissue surgery and then the time to place the implant. This could take several months.

If you are a patient with periodontal disease wanting to have dental implants, we would need to fully treat and solve the periodontal condition before we place the implant. This may take many months.

We have the ability to place immediate implants now, but this depends on the condition of the site. If we are placing a dental implant with a high aesthetic value in the front of the mouth, there will be a lot of preparatory work before the dental implant is placed. It is not necessarily needed for the healing, but rather to achieve the best looking result.


A step-by-step guide to a patient’s dental implant journey

There are a number of common stages in planning dental implant surgery:

1. Consultation – We have a whole set of consultation steps. We always ask for existing x-rays to build a dental history for the patient in order to limit as much as possible exposure. We then take, if needed, basic x-rays. We use a CBCT scanner to get a 3D image of the mouth and we take conventional impressions and digital impressions of the patient’s mouth with an intra-oral scanner. We also take digital pictures and discuss the results the patient would like to achieve.


2. Treatment planning – Patient most of the times goes through a session with a hygienist and his periodontal chart is prepared. We are now able to use all of this information to create a treatment plan that will achieve the goals the patient has specified and that fits their dental needs. We may discuss different options that are able to get the desired result.

As a dental office we still like to produce both physical models and digital images. You can expect a dentist with the skill and expertise to explain your options fully. We will explain all of the different options, using the physical model and digital simulations.


3. Treatment – Once you have agreed the right treatment plan for your unique smile, we can begin treatment. This could typically involve preparatory work, such as hygiene sessions to conservatively treat any periodontal condition, the initial treatment of urgent decays, and can possibly include other procedures, such as surgery and bone or soft tissue grafts, sinus elevation, and implant placement.


4. Healing – Once the dental implant has been placed there is a healing period. This can now be as little as eight weeks, but will vary from patient to patient in Milan.


5. Final appointment – The final stage is to have the prosthetic crown or bridge fixed to the implant.


6. Aftercare – After treatment it is important that you care for your dental implants – keeping on top of your oral hygiene and maintenance. This is as important as all of the other steps – poor hygiene can lead to implant failure.

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How does your team support you in delivering dental implant treatment?

The hygienist is really important in preparing the patient’s mouth before implant surgery. Some dental offices may not touch on this but we know it is vital for success. We also have an endodontist and orthodontist available to discuss a holistic restoration of the patient’s teeth. We believe it is a team effort, with a multidisciplinary approach. Sometimes the most successful result will come from a combination of orthodontics and endodontics before implant surgery takes place.


How many appointments will I need to get Dental Implants?

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This varies depending on the individual patient. With a straightforward single implant, you may only need 3 appointments. The first would be to diagnose, the second to place the implant and the final would be to place the crown.

In the more complex aesthetic case, you may need bone surgery, gum surgery and the conditioning of the tissue before anything else can take place. Then it would be time to place the implants. It might take many months and several appointments. It is up to the patient how much detail they would like to have in their treatment to achieve function and the best cosmetic result.


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