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Aesthetic dental veneers


Is having a pleasant and attractive smile possible without resorting to oral surgery and without invasive prosthetic treatments? Thanks to the latest generation technologies in the dental field, the answer is yes.

We at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan are experts in the care of your teeth and will explain how it is possible. We will talk about aesthetic dental veneers or veeners, one of the latest frontiers of aesthetic dentistry. This is a treatment that has existed for some time but today, thanks to new techniques and new materials, represents a real innovation in the dental field.

These are thin layers of ceramic or porcelain, which are applied over the tooth enamel to cover the presence of defects related to size or color. Dental veneers can even camouflage and correct a non-ideal position. They therefore allow you to obtain an attractive and aesthetic smile without undergoing surgery.

In the past, invasive treatments with scalpels and drills were used, and this was painful and annoying for the patient. More than a few people forewent treatments out of anxiety about dental visits. Today the reality has changed profoundly and our clinic is always in step with new technologies for the health and beauty of your teeth.

Advantages of aesthetic dental veneers

There are numerous advantages of aesthetic dental veneers. First of all if done correctly they are minimally invasive, unlike the veneers of many years ago, they require the removal of absolutely minimal thicknesses of enamel and cause neither pain nor discomfort.

In some cases porcelain veneers can be purely additive, so they can be prepared and applied without completely removing enamel, thus preserving 100% of the tooth.

The application is also not painful at all.

Aesthetic dental veneers represent a new frontier to make your teeth more beautiful without resorting to invasive treatments such as crowns. This does not mean that it can be used in all cases. There are in fact some situations that cannot be solved with the application of veneers. For example, if we have to treat teeth with large caries, or with the presence of large previous fillings in other materials we must resort to crowns made entirely of porcelain.

The positive effects of veneers are immediate: your smile will immediately appear more harmonious and your teeth will be whiter and shinier. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the functional aspect must also be taken into consideration, especially in cases of patients with decayed or abraded teeth whose anatomy can be restored with the use of veneers.

Another peculiarity of this treatment is the ability to show the patient before the treatment what the final result will be in order to evaluate the aesthetics and any changes to be made. Through the mock-up we preview a realistic simulation of what the teeth will look like after treatment.

This can be done in a digital way through computer planning, or in a conventional analog way using a system that consists of applying a composite resin on the teeth to show the final result and the therapeutic and aesthetic possibilities of dental veneers.

Types of aesthetic dental veneers

There are different types of aesthetic dental veneers that differ according to the type of material they are made of. Obviously the material affects the duration and costs.

What types of dental veneers to choose then? At the Bracchetti Dental Clinic we usually recommend ceramic or porcelain veneers. They are the best in performance and durability. They can in fact last many years if they are well cared for and maintained through proper oral hygiene and regular professional hygiene sessions.

Today there are different types of ceramics and different manufacturing technologies available. The porcelains used are Feldspathic Ceramics, Glass Ceramics, Lithium Disilicate, and can be layered by hand or made with CAD-CAM (computerized milling of ceramic blocks) and then finished by hand.

All these procedures are carried out in our internal laboratory by a ceramist specialized in these types of ceramic artifacts, guaranteeing the best possible aesthetic result.

Veneers made of composite have the advantage of being less expensive, but they have a shorter lifespan and tend to lose some of their luster over time. At the same time they have the advantage of being able to be repaired more easily.

In addition to the type of material, the skills of the dentist in tooth preparation and in the application of the veneers and their maintenance are fundamental. These procedures are carried out with the help of latest generation magnification systems and a specific microscope that guarantees maximum enamel saving and maximum precision of the veneers.

As far as costs are concerned, it is not only the material to be considered, but also the technologies used and the quality of the laboratory and the ceramist. Low cost solutions for dental aesthetic veneers should always be evaluated carefully. Sometimes behind low price there can be poor quality materials and when it comes to the health and beauty of our teeth there is no need to take risks.

For this reason we invite you to ask and inform yourself about the quality of the aesthetic dental veneers to obtain the best result.

Treatments to be carried out previously or simultaneously with the veneers (orthodontics and mucogingival interventions)

It is very important to understand that achieving the most attractive and aesthetic result possible depends on the position of the teeth and the condition of the gums.

If the position of the teeth is ideal, the lower the thickness of enamel that a careful specialist has to touch and remove. If on the other hand, the teeth are not well aligned, the veneers can correct these imperfections but this can only be done through a more aggressive preparation of the teeth, to the detriment of the enamel. For this reason it is often ideally advisable to carry out an orthodontic treatment before preparing the veneers, precisely to perform truly minimally invasive procedures.

The same goes for the position of the gums. If the gums cover the teeth excessively, the veneers cannot have the correct proportions and sometimes to obtain a more harmonious result it is advisable to intervene on the position and shape of the gingival parabolas, through simple mucogingival and/ or crown lengthening interventions, in order to obtain an even more pleasant aesthetic result with teeth of ideal dimensions and proportions.

The Bracchetti Dental Clinic has a specialist with a specific preparation for both prosthetic and periodontal work, which is essential to evaluate all these aspects and obtain the best possible result.

How to take care of aesthetic dental veneers

Dentistry has made great strides over time trying to reconcile aesthetics and functionality. Our practice aims to treat its patients from all points of view. The smile has important implications physically, aesthetically, and also psychologically. This is why we pay attention to these aspects as a whole.

The duration of aesthetic dental veneers depends a lot on the maintenance that is done. So let's see how to take care of it . The first rule of all is to brush your teeth every day, especially after meals.

As always, correct hygiene and periodic maintenance is fundamental. Neglecting them also means limiting their duration.

It is essential to clean your teeth correctly using a brush and dental floss.

The professional cleaning of the dentist and the hygienist can go where the toothbrush cannot clean properly. We will take care of your dental veneers as we take care of all your needs to live well and healthy.

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