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Professional Whitening


Dental Whitening is a procedure that improves the color of your teeth, making them whiter. It can take place 'in-office' ( chairside on vital and non-vital teeth) or at home. Dental whitening is not a simple "cosmetic" treatment, but is used to resolve dental discolorations due to systemic pathologies or following the outcome of therapies with some types of antibiotics.

Whitening works thanks to the release of oxygen by hydrogen peroxide or carbamide when it comes into contact with tooth enamel. These oxygen molecules break up the pigment molecules responsible for the dyschromia, thus making them no longer visible. "At-home" bleaching is the whitening technique that involves the use of an individualized mask in which a carbamide peroxide gel is placed (at varying concentrations depending on the case) under supervision of the dentist, to wear while you sleep, for about 5 days.

Among the advantages of this treatment are the ability to control the intensity of the whitening and the ability to repeat the treatment after some time with the same mask. On the other hand, home whitening requires an active collaboration of the patient who must remember to wear the mask and the times are slightly longer than the therapy in the office.

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