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How to reach Studio Bracchetti

Map to reach the office located in Via Durini, 27 - 20122 Milan Italy - tel +39 02 76023438

Online Teleconsultation

A very simple solution to be close to those who want to have a first opinion or are unable to reach us. We speak several languages even for those coming from abroad

  • Very simple

  • You can choose the time

  • Receive concrete assistance

  • You can also do follow-up visits

Teleconsulto Online

Our patients have chosen us for ...

The Team led by Guido and Veronica Bracchetti is committed to this work because & eacute; loves difficult challenges.  Loves to do his job well that is; made up of precision and details.

Stimulated and prepared to go beyond all limits to achieve an excellent result. This also means being able to face clinical situations and problems that others have not been able to manage and solve. The goal of the whole team is; get to give patients a result even higher than their expectations , and that goes beyond what was originally requested


For our patients from all over Europe, punctuality is of paramount importance.


We make the dentist experience very positive with cutting-edge protocols and technologies

Clinical Cases

Thousands of documented cases to ensure maximum experience even in disaster recovery situations


State-of-the-art diagnostics combined with specialized personnel to achieve excellence in the dental treatments offered


We have qualified personnel to provide logistical support in every phase of the treatment.


The Bracchetti Dental Practice is the reference point for the research and development of the best solutions on the continent

Via Durini, 27 - 20122 Milan Italy - tel +39 02 76023438 p. VAT 10564240967
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