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Afraid of the dentist? You are not alone in suffering from dental phobia


According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization, more than 15% of the world's population is affected by dental phobia, i.e. an extreme and prolonged fear of dental visits.

Therefore, despite having been recognized by WHO, this phobia is often underestimated and derided, worsening a patients phobia which leads to them increasingly neglecting their dental health.

What is odontophobia?

Ondontophobia is not the normal nervousness you feel when you go to the dentist, but a real fear triggered even by the mere thought of making an appointment for a dental visit. In a person suffering from dental phobia, everything related to the dentist causes an anxious state accompanied by symptoms such as a faster heartbeat, a drop in blood pressure, gastrointestinal symptoms, and a series of other real physical conditions that prevent someone from making an appointment. p>

The anguish triggered by a dental visit is not only caused by exposing an area such as the mouth, which is part of one's "private" sphere, but also by the use of equipment such as syringes and often negative past experiences. The most common related fears are:

  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of syringes
  • Fear of losing control

This feeling of terror prevents some people from taking care of their oral health.  They avoid check ups, hygiene sessions, and even urgent visits thus causing serious problems to their dental health.

How to overcome odontophobia

As discussed in the previous paragraph, phobia of the dentist puts the health of people at risk.  In 89% of cases these people with dental phobia also have a critical dental condition. Therefore it is essential that the right strategy is established in order to overcome these fears and finally be able to devote the right attention to one's dental health. Dental phobia is not limited to adults, in fact, it can also occur in children who refuse to undergo dental examinations.

Therefore, from an early age it is important to get children accustomed to going to the dentist through fun educational games and materials that make them understand the importance of dental care.  It is important that they do not associate the dentist with discomfort or pain.

At the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan, since 1930, we have been following patients of all ages and assisting them in facing their fears gradually, so that they can finally take care of the health of their teeth in complete serenity.

Overcome your fear and improve the health of your teeth

Don't let fear take away your smile. Overcoming the fear of the dentist does not only mean facing one of your greatest fears, but it means starting a path that will allow you to take care of a very important part of your body: your mouth. In fact, poor oral care can lead to a poor quality of life, with severe pain that prevents you from eating, a smile that does make you happy, the onset of disease or bad breath.

So, rely on specialists like us at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan who will help you face your fears in complete safety and serenity. Don't delay, call us for a simple consultation.

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