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Implant Path


When a patient comes in for their first visit at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic, we create a personalized treatment plan to restore their smile functionally and aesthetically in the best possible way.

We encourage our patients to ask questions each step of the way in order to ensure they are comfortable and confident. In an implant procedure there are some common steps that are useful to know before starting an implant treatment.

How long will my implant path last?

Each patient is unique, so it is impossible to provide accurate timing for everyone. For example, imagine you have only one missing tooth and the tooth has been missing for a long time, but there are no complications with the surrounding soft tissue (gums) or the area where the tooth once stood. In this case, if the underlying bone is in good condition, it is possible to have an initial consultation, provide you with a treatment plan and a quote, and insert the implant at the following appointment. As there have been major improvements in the surface quality of the implants, the healing time could be as little as 8 weeks. So you could have your new implant and tooth in just over 2 months. If the bone site is healthy and strong, we can even try to place a crown immediately and dramatically reduce the time.

On the other hand, imagine a scenario in which a tooth extraction is required with a great loss of bone tissue due to an abscess. In these circumstances it would not be possible to insert an implant on the same day. We need to give the area time to heal. It may also be necessary to have a bone graft and soft tissue surgery and only after that would it be possible to place the implant. This could take several months. If you are a patient with periodontal disease who wishes to undergo dental implantology, we should treat and completely resolve the periodontal condition before placing the implant. This too could take weeks or months.

Today we have the possibility to insert the implants and load them immediately with the final crown or prosthesis, but this depends on the conditions of the site. If we have to install a dental implant with a high aesthetic value in the front of the mouth, there will be a lot of preparatory work before placing the dental implant. It is not strictly related to the healing of the area, but rather to the fact that it is necessary to obtain the best possible result.

Additionally, there are a number of common steps in planning the dental implant surgery:

1. Consultation: We have a set of steps to consider in the consultation phase. We always ask the patient for existing radiographs to build a dental history in order to limit exposure to new radiographs as much as possible. Then, if necessary, we do an X-ray using a CBCT scanner (TAC Cone Beam) to obtain a 3D image of the mouth which allows us to accurately diagnose the conditions of the area to be treated. We then take conventional and digital impressions of the patient's mouth with an intraoral scanner. We also take digital photographs and discuss the results the patient would like to achieve.

2. Treatment planning: Most of the time the patient undergoes a hygiene treatment and his periodontal chart is prepared. Once this is done, we are able to use all this information to create a treatment plan that achieves the patient's desired goals and satisfies his needs. We evaluate different options able to get as close as possible to the desired result. As a dental practice we still enjoy producing both physical models and digital images.


Using the physical model and digital simulations, we clearly explain the different options the patient can choose. Each option is accompanied by an accurate explanation of the treatment plan, advantages and disadvantages, and the related cost estimate.

3. Treatment: Once you have agreed on the right treatment plan for your smile, we can begin the actual treatment. This could involve preparatory work such as: hygiene sessions to conservatively treat periodontal conditions, caring for areas requiring urgent treatment, and possibly including other necessary procedures, including surgery, bone or gum tissue grafts (connective tissue grafts), sinus elevation, and implant placement.

4. Healing: Once the dental implant has been inserted, there is a healing period. It may only be eight weeks, but it varies from patient to patient.

5. Final appointment: The final step is to fix the prosthetic crown or bridge to the implant. In certain cases, in which the so-called immediate loading is carried out, the implantation phase and the delivery of the prosthetic product (crown, bridge or total prosthesis) can be carried out on the same day or after a period of a few days.

6. Maintenance: After the treatment it is important that the patient takes care of his dental implants- maintaining his oral hygiene and following a precise maintenance program. This is as important as all the other steps. Poor hygiene can lead to implant failure.

How does our team support you during implant treatment?

The hygienist is very important in preparing the patient's mouth before implant surgery. Some dental practices may not take this into consideration carefully enough, but we know it is vital to success. We also have a team of conservative professionals, an endodontist and an orthodontist who can consider a holistic restoration of the patient's teeth. We believe it is a team effort, with a multidisciplinary approach. Sometimes the most successful outcome, before implant surgery takes place, is the combination of orthodontics, restorative and endodontics. < / p>

How many appointments will I need for my new dental implant?

This varies depending on the individual patient. With a single simple implant, you may only need 3 appointments. The first is used to diagnose the state of health and needs, the second to place the implant, and the third to position the crown.

In more complex aesthetic cases, surgery may be required to optimize bone support, gingival surgery and conditioning of the gums before you can take the next step. Only after these procedures should the implants be placed. It may take many months and several appointments. It depends on how many details patients want in their treatment to achieve the best possible result from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

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