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Gnathology and Maloccusioni


Gnathology is the relationship between the various elements that make up and affect the oral cavity: we are talking about the relationship between jaws, temporomandibular joint, teeth, muscles and the nerves that control these specific muscles.

The subject in question is concretized in the study of occlusion, that is the relationship between the two "antagonistic" dental arches.

The following treatments are performed in our clinic: selective grinding (consists of the identification and subsequent elimination of dental surfaces that are in disharmony with the chewing system); orthotic bite plate for occlusal therapy (these are devices that are specially built to produce the displacement of the mandible in the necessary size and direction established by the gnathological diagnosis); TMJ temporomandibular joint: disorders related to the temporomandibular joint (such as headache, pain in the face and eyes, tingling and so on) are often linked to bruxism or the habit of clenching, clenching or grinding the teeth.

This activity is mainly present during sleep, or unconsciously during the day, and especially in times of greater stress or tension. It can overstress the TMJs and cause inflammation and the onset of lesions.

An incorrect dental occlusion, on the other hand, can cause problems when it forces the jaw to assume a non-physiological position. In fact, the position of the jaw depends on the position of our teeth.  We can only close the mouth when teeth "match" each other. Sometimes this position is different from the correct position, in these cases the jaw may be too far forward, too far back, or moved sideways. These non-ideal positions can, if not correct, lead to the onset of pathologies.

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