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Internal dental laboratory

At Bracchetti Dental Practice in Milan we have been treating patients with passion and professionalism since 1930 offering our services to children, adults and the elderly.

Since our founding we have always had a dental laboratory within the practice. This allows us to offer our patients unparalleled quality and speedy execution of treatments. 

Why are we able to guarantee you the highest quality products? Because we have the entire production cycle under control from first choice equipment and materials to processing and final inspection with the various finishes. We have kept up with the times and, for this reason, we have combined the entirely manual processes, which still constitute an essential part of our production, with CAD-CAM technology, which allows us to create prosthetic products that equal quality and precision.  This allows us to shorten delivery times and contain costs.

Additionally, we have had the best exponents of the Shigeo Kataoka school of dental ceramics by our side for over 30 years. The Japanese ceramist S. Kataoka is renowned for being the founder of the most prestigious ceramic academy for ceramic dental technicians in the world.  These technicians work exclusively to create ceramics, the most 'artistic' component of prosthetic products (crowns, veneers, etc.), for the best aesthetic results for patients.

By combining the careful control of processing and the experience of our dental technicians we are able to meet the needs of every patient.  From the smallest to the largest cases we provide tailor-made products with high functionally aesthetic characteristics.

Why is our in-house dental laboratory so advantageous?

Many dental practices that do not have an internal laboratory need to rely on external dental labs to create prostheses and other dental products.

This often means consequences that are borne by patients: higher costs, less quality control, and longer production time.  Above all else there can be  difficulties in transferring aesthetic information (shape, color, etc.) which is fundamental for the creation of aesthetic prostheses .

Furthermore, an external laboratory has different commercial interests and and takes longer to crete and deliver the product.

The Bracchetti Office, on the other hand, ensures a reduction in waiting times and costs because your smile cannot wait.

For these reasons a laboratory inside the dental office is a huge organizational effort but it constitutes a great advantage for us and for you, and is one of our strengths .

For us dentists, being able to work closely with dental technicians means being able to work in synergy; by combining both knowledge and experience we are able to create high quality, tailor-made and safe prosthetic products . The close contact on site between doctor and dental technician and the direct sharing of all the necessary information (shape, color, facial features) allows the creation of highly aesthetic prostheses

Another great advantage that should not be underestimated is that, thanks to the laboratory within the office, we have the possibility to create and repair the prostheses in a very short time .

If you have a problem with any dental product, it will be easy for our specialist to repair it during the same session. You can go home without worrying about returning a second time to collect the prosthesis!

This simplifies your life, without having to return twice, saving you time and money.

Our efficient internal laboratory is always available to repair any damage and create quality products in a short time and at low costs.

In addition to the great experience of the dental technicians who work in our office, we rely on the presence of CAD-CAM equipment. The computerized technology of CAD-CAM machines make it possible to obtain a three-dimensional object, only thanks to a digital drawing performed on a computer.

What can we at the Bracchetti Office offer you thanks to the internal laboratory?

We guarantee you a completely custom made and precise processing, combined with the most modern CAD-CAM digital technology thanks to some of the best Japanese technicians who have been working with us for years.

Here we create each dental product, carefully combining the knowledge learned from Kataoka and with the professionalism of the Italian dental school. We choose only the highest quality materials, carefully respecting health protocols.

Waiting times are short and costs are competitive and advantageous for you.

We can customize the prostheses for you and modify them. All in one session.

We are a family that has been supporting families for generations. We know how to give the right value to time and expenses. For us it is therefore the primary objective to be able to provide concrete help to our patients providing an efficient and professional specialist service .

Contact us by calling the number below, or contact us by filling out the form. Request an appointment and come and visit us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you take care of your smile.

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