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Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an innovative and highly technological approach in the field of aesthetic dentistry which allows you to plan and implement personalized dental treatments, such as implants, aesthetic veneers and orthodontics, with very valid results.

One of the cutting-edge studios in this field is Studio Bracchetti in Milan, known for implementing the SorrisoMilano® protocol and for being an Official Clinic Certified by Christian Coachman's Digital Smile Design. Many dental offices promise two-dimensional smile design, but this method is the only one able to precisely superimpose different three-dimensional files such as intraoral scan of the teeth, CT / CBCT of the bone arches, facial scan.

Digital Smile Design is based on advanced digital technologies that allow not only for the creation of a three-dimensional simulation of the patient's smile, but also for a perfectly complete integration with face, lips, oral muscles mobility, etc.

This allows for specialists to precisely plan  he optimal treatment for each specific case, and above all to be able to obtain a final result exactly equal to the planning carried out. This personalized approach is essential to achieve superior aesthetic results and ensure optimal functionality of dental treatments.

A distinctive aspect of Studio Bracchetti in Milan is the adoption of the SorrisoMilano® protocol, which represents an integration of Digital Smile Design and a further refinement of treatment planning and esthetic smile design techniques.. This protocol involves rigorous analysis of the patient's facial features, including factors such as face shape, symmetry, lip proportion, and tooth/enamel color.

The result is a smile that is completely harmonized with the patient's aesthetics and perfectly integrated with their unique characteristics.

The benefits of contacting a qualified and certified clinic such as Studio Bracchetti in Milan, Official DSD Certified Clinic, are numerous:

  • Precision and Personalization: Thanks to digital technology, exclusive DSD solutions, and the SorrisoMilano® protocol, the treatment plan is extremely accurate and adapted to the patient's needs and wishes. This translates into highly personalized and satisfying results. For example, in our study, digital smile planning uses only libraries of natural teeth obtained from hundreds of real 'ideal' cases (and not created by computer software).
  • Effective communication: The DSD allows patients to visualize and try in the mouth (different mock-up solutions) the final result of the treatment before it is actually performed. This facilitates communication between the patient and the specialist, allowing to share expectations and make informed decisions, and more importantly, it allows to obtain a final result equal to the planning carried out
  • Better patient experience: Studio Bracchetti in Milan is committed to offering a comfortable and welcoming environment, where patients feel listened to and supported throughout the treatment journey.
  • Cutting-edge technologies: being an official certified center by Digital Smile Design, Studio Bracchetti uses the most advanced technologies and high-quality materials to guarantee safe and effective treatments.
  • Superior eesthetic results: DSD and the SorrisoMilano® protocol allow for superior esthetic results, with natural and harmonious smiles that significantly improve the patient's appearance. In conclusion, Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary methodology that has changed the way of conceiving aesthetic dentistry.

Studio Bracchetti in Milan, thanks to the SorrisoMilano® protocol and the official DSD Certified Clinic certification, represents a point of reference in this field, offering highly personalized treatments and superior quality aesthetic results. Contacting a qualified and state-of-the-art studio is essential to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile that fully reflects the unique beauty of each individual. Being an official "DSD Certified Clinic" means that a dental practice has been officially recognized and certified by Digital Smile Design (DSD). DSD is an advanced digital methodology and platform that offers innovative solutions for aesthetic smile planning.

A DSD-certified clinic implies that the dental practice has demonstrated the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to effectively use this methodology to improve the quality of dental treatments and achieve superior esthetic results.Obtaining DSD certification is a rigorous process that requires high clinical skills and rigorous specific training by the medical and technical staff of the dental practice.

Studio Bracchetti is an Official DSD Certified Clinic.Being an Official DSD Certified Clinic offers several advantages for both the dental practice and the patients: 

  • Competence and professionalism: The DSD certification certifies that the dental practice has acquired a deep knowledge of the DSD methodology and has demonstrated competence in the application of advanced techniques for esthetic smile planning.
  • State-of-the-art technology: DSD certified clinics are able to use the DSD digital platform and the most advanced technologies to create detailed three-dimensional simulations of a patient's smile and receive highly personalized treatments.
  • Superior esthetic outcomes: Thanks to DSD's highly precise and personalized approach, certified clinics are able to achieve high-quality esthetic outcomes and fully meet patient expectations.
  • Effective communication: DSD allows patients to view the final result of treatment before it is performed, promoting clear communication between the patient and the specialist and a better understanding of treatment options.
  • Reliability and trust: being an official DSD Certified Clinic is a sign of reliability and professionalism for patients, who can feel confident that they are in expert and qualified hands.Ultimately, certification as an official DSD Certified Clinic is a guarantee of the dental practice's skills in offering high quality dental services and superior aesthetic results, compliant and superimposable with the smile planning carried out before the treatment itself.

Patients can benefit from personalized dental treatments and a better overall experience, knowing that they are followed by qualified and cutting-edge professionals in the field of esthetic dentistry.

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Official DSD Certified Clinic Digital Smile Design

While some clinics claim to offer digital smile design, only DSD clinics have got their official certification and can guarantee dental treatments that restore health and happiness. Book your appointment to find out what it means to have great dentistry.

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