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The innovation of Guided Surgery

Chirurgia Guidata Milano

Thanks to the development of new technologies surgical interventions are ever faster and more precise, allowing for significant reductions in post-operative hospital stays.

Guided surgery specifically, thanks to the use of special software and accurate scans, allows you to insert dental implants with great precision and accuracy even in patients with very limited residual bone and more complex diagnoses.

What is guided surgery?

Guided surgery groups a set of procedures that allow you to design and customize the intervention taking into account the morphological characteristics of the individual patient, ensuring a much higher level of accuracy than traditional freehand surgeries. Plus, they often allow for reduced complications during surgery.
Thanks to guided surgery, in the delicate planning phase of the operation it is possible to reproduce a clear image of what the final result will be, taking into account asymmetries and misalignments, with the actual condition of the patient's jaw and mandible. This happens thanks to supporting technologies that allow you to obtain a clear, precise and rich view of useful information for the operation.

  • CBCT - thanks to this type of three-dimensional CT radiography we can know the morphology of the patient's bone, teeth and anatomical structure
  • 3D scan of the mouth - the scan will allow us to know precisely and accurately the exact dental structure and the oral cavity.
  • Planning and simulation of the operation

After superimposing the two images, it will be possible to simulate the operation.

In the case of an implantology operation, thanks to the use of these technologies, it will be possible to carry out careful virtual planning to predict the final position of the implant. Furthermore, on the basis of this virtual reproduction we will be able to create a customized template that will act as a guide for inserting the implants. This template is produced with CAD-CAM technology and a computerized milling machine in our internal laboratory. This allows us to prepare for surgery and to find solutions before the time of the operation itself. Furthermore, the experience of the specialists at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic combined with the latest generation machinery (among the first in Italy to have CBCT technology) that we prepare in our Milan office, allows us to minimize errors and inaccuracies that could occur with older techniques.

The advantages of guided surgery

There are countless advantages that these technologies have brought to surgery, in fact, as illustrated in the previous paragraph, they reduce errors and inaccuracies and allow us to:

  • Reduce the duration of the intervention
  • Use a less invasive approach
  • Reduce surgical incisions
  • Reduce the postoperative course
  • Reduce pain

Moreover, thanks to these advantages, guided surgery allows us to carry out implantology operations even on patients who were not recommended to undergo classical implantology operations like elderly patients or patients with very limited bone thickness. This can happen because the use of these new technologies allows us to have a clear view of the work that is about to be carried out, being able to avoid possible unforeseen events and thus ensuring maximum safety. The simulation prior to the operation allows us to accurately design the position of an implant, managing to obtain a functionally effective result with a natural aesthetic.

At the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan, we believe that the fundamental ingredients for taking care of our patients are passion, professionalism and tradition.  Still we must never forget the innovation that always makes an important contribution to the quality of our work. In fact, we strive every day to stay updated and acquire the latest technologies in order to assist our patients in an efficient, fast, and accurate way.

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