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Preprosthetic orthodontics

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In our clinic, among the various dental specialties always conducted with competence by our team of qualified professionals, pre-prosthetic orthodontics is an excellence.

Pre-prosthetic orthodontics: our flagship

When teeth are missing in adults, either due to extractions related to dental diseases or as a result of periodontal problems, the space created in the arches undergoes changes over time. Losing one tooth can negatively affect all the others as well. The contacts between the teeth that give stability to the occlusion are lost and, as a consequence, a migration of the adjacent teeth to the open space can occur.  In addition to altering the correct dental contacts between the two arches this can make it difficult, if not impossible, to perform the necessary replacement procedures for the missing tooth in the ideal way.

Often even the prosthetic rehabilitation of the frontal sector, that is of the incisors in the most aesthetically relevant area of ​​the face, requires performing a movement of the teeth before proceeding to the preparation of aesthetic veneers or composite reconstructions. The realignment of the incisors to intervene in a more conservative, less invasive way and to achieve enormously better aesthetic results compared to surgery on the patient's natural teeth without a preliminary orthodontic phase.

A necessary intervention

When faced with these situations, the pre-prosthetic orthodontic treatment becomes therefore essential to re-establish the correct position of the teeth before proceeding with the insertion of implants or with the application of prostheses or with aesthetic rehabilitation of front teeth affected by occlusal wear, caries, or crown fractures.

In fact, in the first case the teeth adjacent to the missing ones begin to move towards the empty spaces and this incorrect positioning can seriously hamper the realization of a fixed prosthesis. In the second case, on the other hand, overlapping teeth in a sector where space is lacking do not allow for re-establishing the ideal proportions and shapes of the incisors during the prosthetic phase.

This branch of orthodontics involves teamwork between orthodontist, periodontist, prosthetist and implantologist who must closely interact and coordinate for the necessary interventions. All these professionals present in our clinic are highly qualified and keep themselves constantly updated on the most innovative techniques and materials. At the same time, they also make use of advanced and new generation instruments, so that we can always offer the best to our patients.

Personalized interventions on the individual patient

For us, each patient is a case in itself and, consequently, deserves all our attention and a personalized intervention on their individual problem. Anamnesis, clinical evaluation and instrumental examinations, in-depth analysis with the patient of his desires and needs allow us to have the precise picture of the situation and to be able to propose and agree together with the patient an intervention plan aimed at obtaining impeccable results which include:

  • facilitation of prosthetic therapy and repositioning of the teeth that allows the use of techniques, naturally including implants, which are as conservative as possible on the patient's teeth and appropriate to his case
  • improving the health of the periodontium by facilitating the removal of plaque build-up
  • improvement of the alveolar ridge near the teeth
  • positioning of the teeth suitable for transmitting occlusal forces along the major axis
  • possibility to perform minimally invasive aesthetic veneers and composite restorations on anterior teeth with unmatched aesthetic results and excellent stability

By moving even just a few teeth, all the other dental interventions used to keep the various pathological conditions under control and to ensure our patients the restoration of good chewing function and an ideal smile aesthetics are made easier.

How we proceed

Usually, in the course of pre-prosthetic orthodontic treatments for adults, orthodontic equipment is required, including aesthetic that is ceramic, or removable aligners, positioned only on part of the dental arch and to be used for a short period. In some cases it may be necessary, for more complex movements in the posterior sectors, to insert skeletal anchors that allow you to move only the affected teeth in a more controlled and faster way. The use of springs, loops, elastics used to support the anchoring of a sector of teeth allows the teeth to be brought back to the right position and to restore the correct occlusion and aesthetics through prosthetic rehabilitation.

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