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Dental prostheses on latest generation implants

Protesi dentali Milano

Prostheses are mobile or fixed artifacts used in the dental field made with the aim of restoring severely damaged teeth.

At the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan we have 35 years of experience in the field of implant prosthetics. Today we make dental prostheses on the latest generation implants. Dental implants are an important branch of specialization, fundamental for those who have lost some or all of their teeth.

Teeth are a fundamental component of our appearance and aesthetics and are essential for the functionality of the mouth, from chewing to speaking. Neglecting them can mean running into important problems, with negative consequences for the person. Inflammations, infections, cavities and other ailments can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. This is the last stage, but unfortunately it is a risk that can be faced.

A widely used technique is immediate loading implants which within a few hours allows for a newly fixed set of teeth. At the end of the surgery, the patient receives a temporary fixed prosthesis which is later replaced by a definitive one. Over time, implants have become an increasingly sophisticated type of treatment that meets the patient's functional and aesthetic needs. Today the dentist works more and more on these 2 fronts, also taking into account the possible psychological implications. The absence of teeth can cause embarrassment and difficulties on a social and interpersonal level. That's why we work to solve these issues in the best possible way.

Immediate loading implantology is possible when the patient has good bone quality and quantity, an adequate periodontal situation, and a correct masticatory occlusal pattern. These are all conditions that are carefully evaluated when you are visited in our office. You arrive at the implant substantially prepared after having carried out a thorough examination of the patient's specific situation.

These conditions are established with careful periodontal clinical evaluation and radiographic examinations that include an orthopantomography and a 3D CBCT CT (Computed Tomography).

These exams allow us to perform guided surgeries using surgical templates made with the help of sophisticated software that help insert the implants in the best possible position. The use of computers in assisted implantology represents the latest innovative frontier in implant dentistry. This allows us to intervene in a less invasive way and to find solutions even in the presence of difficult cases, such as in the face of previous severe periodontitis and loss of support bone.

These modern tools are at our disposal to make interventions even more precise and effective and allow digital virtual planning,  and therefore faster times, for the installation of a fixed prosthesis < / strong> which is carried out before the intervention.

The new generation dental implants

In addition to the use of computers, which undoubtedly gave an innovative boost to implantology, the use of different materials is also a novelty. Materials represent the other frontier on which modern dentistry moves.

If once the implant posts (i.e. the intermediate components that are used to connect the bridges and crowns to the implants) were only made of steel or titanium, today they are also available in ceramic and zirconia. Titanium has been the classic material that has been used for years and is biocompatible and safe for our health. However, it has 2 limitations: one is the metallic gray color, and the other is the relative ease of plaque accumulation. If the plaque is not eliminated, it can cause damage over time and compromise the functionality of the implants.

The aesthetic effect of titanium pins is sometimes a limitation.  Consequently, today materials have been introduced that allow for much better results. Although they are functionally valid, implants with titanium posts often do not achieve aesthetically satisfactory results.

Implants and posts made of ceramic, specifically zirconia, represent an important innovation. It is a material tolerated by our bodies and has the same resistance as titanium. An additional advantage is that the color is very similar to that of the teeth. Plaque also adheres minimally to zirconia. They therefore have an aesthetic appearance much more similar to natural teeth.

From a hygienic point of view, zirconia implants and components therefore have a lower risk of gingival and periodontal infections. Despite this, it is absolutely essential to follow scrupulous oral hygiene. At the Bracchetti Dental Clinic we always recommend patients to be careful and precise in the care of their teeth. One of the mistakes that leads to negative consequences is postponing periodic checks , or not following the periodic deadlines of professional hygiene sessions.

Therefore, both in the case of prostheses on implants with titanium and zirconia posts, maintenance remains the key to success and must always be carried out to maintain oral health.

The aesthetic effect of titanium pins is sometimes a limitation, consequently today materials have been introduced that allow much better results. Although they are functionally valid, implants with titanium posts often do not allow to achieve aesthetically satisfactory results.

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