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Cad-Cam and Internal Ceramic Laboratory


In our internal laboratory at the Bracchetti Dental Practice in Milan we use the most sophisticated and latest generation CAD-CAM equipment to be able to create each customized prosthetic product with speed and precision.

We use CAD-CAM technology as it is the future of dentistry and, in our state-of-the-art studio, we believe in the power of new technologies as they are better able to provide a specialized and custonized service for our patients.

By combining this sophisticated instrumentation with the expertise of our best dental technicians from the prestigious Kataoka Academy of Dental Ceramists, we offer the best experience to the families and the patients we have been caring for for generations. < / p>

What is CAD-CAM technology and how does it work?

Initially used in the industrial sector, about fifteen years ago the CAD-CAM technology began to be implemented in the dental field.

The term is an English acronym, which means Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), i.e. computer-assisted manufacturing .

But what is it capable of? It is a computerized technique that allows you to create dental and prosthetic products in two ways:

  1. The equipment software processes the data from X-ray examinations, CBCT CT, and from intraoral scans (i.e. fingerprints of the mouth), then translating them into the design of dental technicians and prostheses.
  2. Possibility of designing dental prostheses after making a three-dimensional scanner that reads and detects the shape of the face .

After having designed the prosthetic device to be made, the three-dimensional reproduction systems are used.  This is the latest generation VHF precision milling machine and rapid prototyping systems.

These technologies can reproduce in 3D what we have digitally designed, exactly identical in shape and size.

The precision of CAD-CAM equipment and VHF milling machines is impressive, capable of making even the smallest and most meticulous models in an excellent way.

What are the various steps when using these tools?

Firstly, the dental impression is made. The most used instrument is the intraoral scanner, which we mentioned earlier. This scanner makes an impression of the oral cavity which then, using CAD technology, is transmitted to the computer screen and allows for the creation of a digital preview of the product.

Thanks to this, the traditional paste for dental impressions, which is often bothersome and even causes nausea, is not needed.  We simply take photos/ optical scans from which we obtain a model of your mouth in a very short time.

In the CAD phase, the product is designed, modeled and modified according to the specific functional and aesthetic needs of the patient and the individual case. The changes that can be made that we are talking about concern the thickness, shape, and size of the artifact, whatever it is. And this happens by creating a real smile design that is the Digital Smile Design.

Once this phase is over, the CAM phase begins.

When everything is ready and our specialized technicians have finished the design, the software starts producing a digital file that is sent to the computer assisted milling machine.

The milling machine processes the file and can start carving the material we have chosen for the creation of the product.

The chosen material has no metal so, materials such as composites, resins, zirconia are used (zirconia oxide is a very resistant ceramic). It is now possible to create and process those materials that are free from harmful metals and more biocompatible, as well as safe and aesthetically beautiful. 

Thanks to this precise equipment we can even make very thin prostheses such as inlays and veneers.  We can also crate more complex prostheses that must be able to withstand strong stresses.

These methods are used especially in the field of prosthetic dental technology. An example is the creation of prosthetic crowns in zirconium oxide, or rather, their substructures.

This type of processing increasingly replaces the traditional metal alloys based on gold and precious alloys.

The substructures are then coated with ceramic so as to be as close as possible to resembling natural teeth.

What are the benefits?

What are the advantages of using CAD-CAM equipment ?

As we have said, it is possible to create completely bespoke artifacts with extreme precision. The most diverse dental products can be made: small, medium or large prostheses, from the most delicate to the most resistant. It is also possible to produce temporary prostheses, night-guards (bites) and/ or orthotic appliances.

Additionally, it's possible to strengthen the weak points of structures that are larger and being able to design first on the computer allows us to preview the result.  This allows us to cut costs and speed up delivery.

The differences with the traditional protocol

What is the difference between the fully digital protocol using CAD-CAM equipment and the traditional protocol?

Before the advent of these digital tools, the procedure for making the prosthesis took place in at least three sessions, with a distance of about one to two weeks from each other.

Digitizing this process often means shortening the time to just one session. This protocol is called “ Chairside ”.  It is a considerable advantage for the patient who can comfortably wait for the realization of the prosthetic product without worrying about having to come back several times with great advantages in terms of time and costs.

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