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CBCT Computed Tomography

Tomografia dentale Milano

At the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan we use the latest technologies and equipment to offer patients the highest quality treatments.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced dental specialists is at the forefront of dental treatment and the most up-to-date techniques in order to guarantee our patients the highest level of health care.

What is a conical beam CT (CBCT)?

CBCT is an abbreviation for cone beam computed tomography. Before acquiring this tool, we only used traditional radiographs.

Normal dental radiographs provide detailed information but of a very small area and only in two dimensions. In recent years, thanks to the CBCT scanner, we have managed to have an increase in accuracy.

CBCT allows us to obtain from patients all the information necessary for an accurate diagnosis with less radiation exposure than conventional CT scans, but with incredible precision of detail.

CBCT technology has been used mainly in implantology but recently also been used as a diagnostic tool for orthodontics, endodontics and surgery.

For example CBCT allows us to have a 3D image of a patient's teeth, maxilla and mandible, allowing us to visualize the thickness of the bone around the roots of the teeth. This allows us to use guided surgery and other innovative techniques that we could not use before.

We are proud to have been one of the first private dental practices in Milan and Italy to have CBCT technology.

The CBCT method

How long does it take?

This is a very short procedure especially since we have a CBCT scanner in our office. The processing of CBCT scans is also performed by in-house which saves time.

Are you standing while scanning?

The patient lying on a couch with a large machine around them is an outdated concept. Thanks to CBCT the patient can stand or, if they prefer, they can sit up.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects, except the amount of radiation, however it is much lower than other traditional CT scans.

How are images used once captured?

Once the images have been acquired, they are entered in a specific software able to help make a diagnosis and subsequently plan the treatment and guided surgery. The CBCT is a powerful and useful tool for a wide range of uses in cosmetic dentistry, implantology, surgery, endododntics, Digital Smile Design, and general dentistry.

What are the advantages of having this type of equipment?

It helps you not have to depend on other facilities for scans.

We can use it immediately when needed and reduce usage costs. It is convenient for our patients as they do not have to have appointments in other facilities. Instead of waiting days or weeks for this information, we have scans immediately and we can make a precise diagnosis and start planning the necessary dental treatment.

Previously, the surgical guides gave us indications on the prosthetic result we wanted to obtain but they could not take into account the real conditions of the maxilla and mandible. Now we have much more information on the bone before surgery.

This method combines the precision of technology with the experience of the surgeon in order to obtain the best position for the implants to be inserted.

In the evaluation phase, we invest more time before surgery to decide the best solution for each patient such as: the ideal position, refining it by just a tenth of a millimeter, the shape and diameter of the implant. The surgery is performed in an optimal environment and with due calm rather than having to make decisions during the surgery. We can plan most of the eventualities rather than deal with them on the spot.

Today we have surgical guides for everything from gum surgery to bone surgery. Implant surgery is just one of the ways that CBCT is used by our practice for diagnosis and planning. We have been using this technology for years.

To learn more about how CBCT can be used to replace missing teeth with dental implants and in other fields of dentistry, make an appointment now.

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