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Orthodontics for teenagers


Orthodontics in adolescence is of great importance to obtain a healthy and functional occlusion and bite for as long as possible.

For your child between the ages of 11 and 14: what to expect from the visit with our orthodontist and what are the dental problems to be addressed

Between the ages of 11 and 14, the child may need orthodontic treatment; if the child was seen at the age of 7-9 and did not need interceptive treatment, now, in permanent dentition, he may instead need it, to solve problems related to crowding, deep biting, asymmetries, thus starting a treatment that is carried out in a single phase during adolescence on permanent teeth. At this age, problems of dental inclusion are also faced (teeth that fail to erupt and remain embedded in the bone - for example of the upper canine), long-term planning of the multidisciplinary approach to dental agenesis (congenital absence of permanent teeth - e.g. upper lateral incisors or lower premolars). It may also be necessary only to refine a modest crowding in case the child has already been subjected to interceptive treatment previously.

Duration of orthodontic treatment

During adolescence, treatment lasts an average of 15-18 months. If there has been an interceptive phase before this moment, the time required for a possible second phase may be reduced.

The consultation will include a description of the objectives of the treatment, of the devices envisaged, times and costs. Any alternative options or limitations will also be explained.

Any orthodontic treatment has after its completion a maintenance phase of variable duration depending on the nature and complexity of the treatment itself. Removable appliances are usually used to make long-term stability of results possible during this phase.

Types of orthodontic appliances

At our dental practice in Milan we offer a range of orthodontic appliances for children and adolescents.

We use fixed appliances, such as traditional metal brackets, and transparent aesthetic fixed appliances made of ceramic which are more discreet.

We also offer removable orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign, a very aesthetic alignment system with clear acrylic masks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my child have a mouth that is too small for his teeth?

If there is a lot of crowding, it doesn't mean that they have "too many" teeth but that the arches are too small to accommodate all of their teeth. Through orthodontics we can expand the arches to create space for the teeth or reduce the number of teeth with extractions.

Are braces painful or uncomfortable?

Patients usually complain of a bit of discomfort as soon as the fixed equipment is positioned due to its size: it takes a few days to get used to!

When the fixed braces are checked during the visit, some discomfort may be felt, only for the first two days, as the force system has been reactivated and the teeth move more during this period.

Is it easy to talk with fixed braces/ aligners?

Yes, of course, although it depends on each person. Only after the initial positioning of a fixed appliance, it can take a few days to get used to it: for this reason we place the fixed appliances on the first appointment and then, a week later, we apply the threads that activate the dental movement.

With the device, will my child still be able to eat everything and practice any type of sport?

Of course: an absolutely normal diet is maintained, combined with more scrupulous oral hygiene maneuvers at home. Only particularly sticky foods that make hygiene particularly complex are not recommended, foods that are too hard that can cause the detachment of orthodontic brackets and involve a waste of time to restore fixed equipment. It is advisable to cut down on snacks during the day, eat normally during main meals instead, and brush your teeth immediately afterwards.

As for sports. You can play any sport: if you play contact sports (rugby, boxing, hockey, etc.) it is advisable to use a mouthguard.

Is it easier to be prone to tooth decay when wearing fixed braces?

During orthodontic therapy there is usually no increase in the onset of caries as patients are shown how to effectively clean their teeth with fixed appliances. In addition, the composite used to position the fixed brackets on the teeth is a resin which releases fluoride, actually helping to prevent tooth decay in that area. However, at each appointment, we will evaluate whether plaque accumulation is detectable and, if necessary, we will refer to the hygienist to perform a thorough cleaning and to deepen the home hygiene instructions.

How can I prevent tooth decay and the formation of white spots during orthodontic treatment?

If we notice that oral hygiene becomes a problem during treatment, we recommend an appointment with the hygienist: there are different types of hygiene appointments in our office depending on the patient's needs.

Similarly, whenever the need for any other dental intervention is detected, the patient will be advised to undergo a check-up with another specialist of the study: we have numerous specialists in the office, so we usually manage to make appointments to meet these needs in parallel with orthodontic appointments. This is one of the many benefits of using a multidisciplinary dental clinic.

Can I defer the payment of the treatment?

We believe that orthodontic appliances for your child are an investment, which, like all investments, must be planned.

We charge a fee for initial registrations and diagnosis and treatment planning.

We usually divide the cost of the treatment into quarterly payments, unless otherwise requested by the patient; the first payment to be made upon delivery of the devices is slightly higher than the subsequent quarterly installments of the same amount.

A quote will also be provided for the essential maintenance phase following the active treatment.

Excellence in dentistry may seem expensive, but it is a worthwhile and forward-looking investment. Fortunately, our practice offers deadlines for payment and the possibility of making loans, so that we can divide the cost of orthodontic appliances more economically.

Arrange an orthodontic appointment

It is always a good time to contact the orthodontic office and schedule a first visit with an orthodontist in case you have any doubts about your child's occlusion or need to straighten his teeth. The choice of an orthodontist with great experience and expertise is essential to allow any treatment to be completed in an optimal manner and in the shortest possible time and to give your child a happy and healthy smile for as long as possible.

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