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Full Ceramic Prosthesis

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When the time comes for dentures, patients are led to think that they will be forced to wear unnatural-looking prostheses and that eating will become a nightmare.

However, thanks to the combination of new materials and new technologies, it will be possible to create customized prosthetic restorations, highly personalized, but above all stable and natural-looking. Smiling and eating will no longer be a problem!

Advantages and disadvantages of all-ceramic prostheses

All-ceramic prostheses are entirely composed of elements in a new type of highly resistant ceramic (such as Zirconia or Lithium Disilicate), therefore, unlike other prostheses, we do not find metal parts that make up the < em> core (nucleus) of the tooth. Prostheses with metal components have aesthetic complications such as visible black borders.

The elimination of all metal parts has allowed for significant improvements in the prosthesis

  • Greater strength in the case of non-layered monolithic restorations, i.e. obtained from a single block of ceramic material
  • More natural appearance As it is no longer necessary to cover the metal core, it is possible to use more translucent ceramics that make the implant appear more natural and vital-looking
  • Lower thermal sensitivity Since ceramic is a good insulator and with a low thermal conductivity value, there is less sensitivity to temperatures
  • Lower risk of pulpitis Tooth reduction is very low and minimally invasive
  • Eliminates the risk of allergies Metals contain substances such as nickel which can cause hypersensitivity
  • Lighter
  • Long lasting

In addition, the combination of careful design and accurate manufacturing of the prosthesis allows the creation of a prosthesis that accurately reproduces the anatomical and morphological shape of the teeth. Therefore, all-ceramic prostheses bring further improvements to the world of prostheses for the most natural result and excellent durability over time to be able to smile and eat again in total serenity.

Disadvantages of all-ceramic prostheses

Today all-ceramic prostheses, without a metal framework, are no longer recommended only when single tooth reconstruction or small bridges are required.

However, despite the fact that today very resistant ceramics are used and the problem related to the chipping of the prostheses has been largely solved, it still appears that fracture is the most common modality in the failures of this type of prosthesis. For this reason, in all-ceramic prostheses it is even more important that there is maximum precision in the impression taking phase and in the subsequent virtual design. In fact, it is essential to choose only experts in the sector to obtain a prosthesis that is natural, firm, and above all resistant over time.

In conclusion, is it better to choose a metal/ ceramic prosthesis or an all-ceramic prosthesis?

Obviously the answer cannot be unambiguous. In fact, it is first of all necessary to contact a specialist who, after having carried out a complete medical history, evaluated the patient's morphology and having listened to his needs and expectations, will be able to suggest which prosthesis will be more efficient in that particular case. Despite the strengths and weaknesses highlighted, both solutions are valid and efficient if carried out by professionals in the sector like us at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan. We will accompany you in choosing the solution that best suits you and your needs so that you can quickly regain your smile.

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